• dare to hair

    Be brave. Be creative. Be different.
    But most of all, be yourself

About the brand.

FUNKY is the top styling label for young people who aren’t afraid to go bold.

It’s all about creativity! Be yourself and let others decide…

Young people who are creative. Who march to their own beat. But most importantly, who are authentically themselves. Because FUNKY enables any hairdresser to create exactly what he or she has in mind.

Originally founded in 1995, FUNKY is being introduced in 2018 with new formulations that are entirely free from parabens – in keeping with the desires of today’s hairdressers. FUNKY contains no added colourants whatsoever and has a natural texture.

The fragrances of these styling products have become subtler and more nuanced as well. As a styling line, FUNKY sets itself apart through its products: each and every one is creative and strongly individual. The line consists of popular products for the truly sophisticated young person.


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